Can't Restore my Mac with a TimeMachineBackup saved on MyCloud

For various reasons I had to erase the HD on my Macbook and reinstall the OS (it loaded Mountain Lion originally but I’ve updated it to Mavericks).

I’ve got a TimeMachineBackup file stored on my WD My Cloud however when I try to use it through the Migration Assistant on my Mac, a connectiion error occurs. I can locate the backup file on my cloud and I can see that the mac and hard drive are both connected to the same network. Any ideas with what’s going wrong here? I can see that the backup is from June 2016, would there be any issues with OS compatibility maybe?

Yep - needs to be same macOS version.

Great thanks! I guess that would be El Capitan is the back up was June 2016? I’ll install that OS and give it another go…

So I still need help! I’ve installed the OS El Capitan which was definitely the OS at the time of the backup. I get through the stages of the Migration Assistant where I can choose the HD (Mycloud) and log in (Ive tried both guest access and my account). It finds the backup and tries to load it, but I’m now getting an error message that says:

“Some backups cannot be opened
Make sure that all of your network devices are connected and turned on. It appears that some backups are already in use. If you don’t see the backup you need, make sure it is not currently mounted by another machine.”

I don’t have it mounted anywhere else, I’ve also tried switching my iPhone off which has access to the cloud but no joy still, any suggestions?

Check to be sure the Time Machine shares is set to Public on the WD (shares->TimeMachine->public)

Thanks for the suggestion! Yes it’s set to Public.

Then it could be a corrupted backup. Do a google search and maybe there’s something to fix the backups.