Can't repair my WD Passport

So I have a 500 GB My Passport WD External Hard Drive and I was trying to format it as it has been giving me problems. I might have accidentally unplugged it without safely ejecting it. So, I was using Disk Utility to format it by creating a new partition and it is stuck and not doing anything. I am attaching a screenshot of the same. Please help

Screen Shot 2011-12-04 at 1.35.35 AM.png

What OS do you have and did you delete the old partition/volume first? Check this out Can’t see the pic until it gets approved by moderator.


i am using Lion. Yeah I did follow the instructions on the link you suggested. I tried to do that a couple of times, sometimes it does finish partitioning but when I try to transfer files it gives me -36 error. I tried to do both a 2 or 1 partition.