WD Passport not working after attempted partition on Macbook Pro


Ive done some searching on the forums and best I can tell from reading is that my Passport 700gig external HD has ‘lost the partition.’ Please read the below symptoms and tell me what I need to do to get it to work again.

Plugged in the hard drive after buying it and attempted to reformat as I had done in the past with other WD hard drives to rename it and partition it. During the attempt to partition, the disk utility will gave me this error message and disappeared off the desktop and is no longer accessible. 

“Partition failed with the error: File system formatter failed.”

Every subsequent operation I try will come up with another error of similar wording. What do I do. The hard drive is not viewable or accessible by my macintosh but it is showing up in the disk utility. 

It is vital I get this hard drive working again because I need the space ASAP. I appreciate any help that can be offered!