Cannot partition and format!

Yesterday I purchased a WD My Passport Essential SE.  My operating system is OS X 10.6 and I use a MacBook.  I followed the directions on how to partition and format for the Mac.  Used this page:

After going through all the steps I get the error message, “Partition failed with the error, Could not unmount disk.”

Any help would be appreciated.  I’d like to be able to use the Passport with the Time Machine.  I’ve not used the Passport at all.  Took it out of the box tonight, hooked it up and then followed directions to format.


Hi there, that error is common when formatting external drives on Macs. Just restart your Mac and try again, if the error keeps showing up, then boot with the OSX installation disc and format the external drive as if you were going to format the internal drive.


WD My Books **bleep** on Macs. I presume the hardware is ok, but the software

crashes the os

will not allow formating

sometimes will not eject

makes the whole drive **bleep**ing useless on the average, though sometimes it is fine

the firmware updater doesn’t work either.  says fails to download

companies that make updaters than download an updater which then needs to download the update

are foools