WD passport accidentally disconnected from mac

Hello!  Please help if possible!

This situation happened to me a couple of years ago with the same external hard drive.  The disk was repaired to normal so I’m crossing my fingers that it can be again.

I have a Mac.  My WD passport accidentally came un-plugged from it’s USB portal.  Now it’s not recognized under Devices in the Finder window.  When I run Disk Utility, it appears in the left column, in the list of devices as:  2.2 TB WD Media.  However, when I select the First Aid tab, nothing appears - I can’t click the Repair Disk button or Verify Disk button.

What should I do?  Can it be repaired?  Thank you!


Repairing or not depends of the situation. When the drive was disconnected from the power you were transferring data? If so, you could be having a corrupted file system and formatting could solve this issue.

I wasn’t transferring data.  I did have a pdf file from the external hd open in preview on my mac.  How should I go about repairing if the device can’t be selected in Disk Utility?