Can't open my passort

I have a WD passport and new laptop. I backed everything from my Mac to My Passport. Now I want to access the files on my laptop PC. I can see the device, the computer knows it’s there, but it won’t open, no icon, can’t search it under files, in the comptuer search. I was assured by my old IT guy it would open on a PC if I backed up Mac files. Thanks.

If you formatted the drive for Mac Windows won’t be able to use it. Do you know how the drive is formatted?


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I did format it for the Mac, I was told I could still open it with Windows, not so? :frowning: Thanks for your help!

Now to get the info on to Windows you will probably need something like MacDrive sadly none of them are free. The other alternative is find somebody with a Mac transfer data to it reformat the drive NTFS for Windows then download and install NTFS-3G  on  Mac and copy data back to external. One other possibility is network your laptop to a Mac and hook external to Mac and transfer data over network to your laptop.


What is the model number of your passpoert drive? Some of the western Digital passports and my books come preformatted for Mac. It’s a possibility that your did. How did you save the information on the passport? Drag and drop? Time machine or smartware?