Can't Login to Administrator WD Sentinel RX4100

I Need Help.
I can’t login to administrator.
when I Setting Up my RX 4100 for the first time, I’m not create any password.
After setting Up, I shutdown my RX 4100.
after a few days when I tried to login again I Got Message “The User Name And Password Is Incorrect”.
I Need help.

Thank You Before

Try Admin as the password

I have tried “Admin” as the password.
but it’s not work.
Is there any solution to reset the password…??
I don’t have a reset password disk.

Thank you before.

How about this ?
You may be unable to log on to the server because your keyboard was set to an English layout during Setup

After you choose a language and keyboard layout during Setup, your keyboard can remain in the English layout. Any passwords that are created during Setup might be based on the English keyboard layout. Because of this, you may be unable to log on to the server after Setup is finished. This can occur because the keyboard language format is set to English by default during Setup. If you change the language format, the keystrokes that you use to create the passwords may not map correctly to the keyboard layout that you are using.

To resolve this issue, after finishing Setup, perform the steps in the following procedure to reset the server password.

To reset the server password

1.In the logon screen, click the Language bar, select English, and then log on to the server by using the password that you created during Setup.

2.Open the Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials Dashboard.

3.On the Computers and Backup page, click Change the server password.

4.Type and confirm a new password for the server, and then click Change password.

I have tried to change keyboard layout.
but it still not work.
is there any way…??
or can the rx 4100 back to factory default…??

thank you for help.

Where exactly are you? Never run setup? Ran setup and now can’t login? A screenshot of where you are?