Can't find files


I just installed a new hard drive after backing up my Doc’s & Music & Pictures.  

My passport says that the backup was completed successfully; however, when I retrieve my documents I can’t find them on my hard drive… Even though it side retrieve was successful.



Hi there, do you know the exact file path your files used to have before the backup? If not, then what if you try to restore the files to a content folder that you select?


Yea they were the regular My Document folders.  I even tried to download them one folder at a time.

It said retrieveing  1500 files but don’t know where they went.  I don’t think it is retrieving the files.  I did a software upgrade after backing up the files.  I think I lost them when that happen.


If you made a software update, then redo the backup. After it is completed you should be able to see a folder ending in .SWSTOR holding the files…


Thanks I’ll try it.