Help me find lost files!

Hello, iv run into a pretty terrible problem… Im pretty sure i miss placed my WD HDD passport for good and it has my enitre life on it i got it freshman year and am now 25 so theres almost a lifetime of pictures and irreplaceable documents. I would like to see if i could retrieve any of these files at all, however the problem is i dont belive i had a cloud account attached to it and i belive i did do a full back up a long time ago but i have since then updated to Windows 10 so i feel like those files might be gone forever… Any advise? I know its silly but sometimes you just gotta ask. Thanks for your help! My email is

Look to see if there is a folder C:/Windows.old somewhere. Also, you can try going to the “folder options” in Windows Explorer, and then ‘view’ and make sure ‘show hidden files’ is checked (I’m not on a W10 machine, but it should be something similar to that). If its not there, check around in Windows Explorer under your ‘user’. That’s about all I can suggest. Good luck