Can't eject USB mass storage device

“This device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device and then try again.”

I have a video file that i was running stored on My Passport and have closed the video player that was used to view the file. But the device will not eject. Not certain what other process is running that will not release the device. I can feel that the drive is still running so I don’t want to just unplug it. thnx in advance!

Win8.1 64bt

Intel Core i7 cpu

8gb ram

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Hi there, welcome to the community.

It seems that you were able to fix the issue at hand, would you share with the other users what the solution was, just in case that someone might be having the same issue as you.

Basically I restarted my system which then released the drive for removal. :smiley:

I succeeded in Safe Removal Twice today with (1) My Passport 1TB and (1) My Passport Ultra 1 TB.

ONLY WD Smartware Sys Tray Icon used for Safe Removal.

99% certain Only ONE Drive can be Connected at a time although I only Enable ONE Drive at a time for backup.

I DIS-abled Continuous Backup setting before attempting each Removal - AND - Backup Complete was noted before each Removal.

Removed J:\ after Ok and Connected E:. — normal browsing, etc until Backup Complete noted in Smartware screen.

Rt Clk Sys Tray Icon for Safe Removal of E:\ and all went well.

 Not sure which of these is / are the key but I have some hint of the exhilaration I’ll feel when we land Americans on Mars.

Good luck to all attempting Safe Removals.

Thanks for the info Craig!  Much appreciated! :smiley:

PMack, glad things worked for you!

“Passing it on” is the life-blood of Forums and I am usually the beneficiary vs the “answer man”.

My steps listed just above should have stated I Close WD Smartware App before attempting the Safe Removal request -ALTHOUGH - I don’t know IF that has any effect on the outcome.

Even w/ Backup Disabled Murphy’s Law says the App still may know the Drive is there and that constitutes “Drive in use”. Scared to try it as success is too much fun to Jinx it.

STILL having SUCCESSFUL Removals per steps as described and can’t believe it’s working - as it should.


so far i’ve had no problems with ejecting the drive using the smartware app vs the system utility and that’s with the backup function disabled.  i like the app function much better.  thanks again! :slight_smile: