Can't detect My Passport, Virtual CD 25E2 USB Device Code 19 error

Hi, I have a WD My Passport Portable 4TB HD (with a password lock enabled) and have been using it with my laptop running WIndows 10 for the past 6 months. For some reason, I have suddenly been unable to access my HD on my laptop and it doesn’t seem my laptop detects the HD properly either.

Accessing Device Management in Windows, it seems the laptop does recognise my HD under “Disk drives” and “WD Drive Management devices”, but I can’t find it appearing in Windows Explorer nor any drive letter assigned to it.

I note that under “DVD/CD-ROM drives” in Device Management, there appears to be a problem with “WD Virtual CD 25E2 USB Device”. Double-clicking on it, there appears to be a Code 19 error:

I have tried disabling/uninstalling the driver and restarting the laptop but the same Code 19 error persists and my HD remains undetected and inaccessible. I have also tried connecting my HD on another laptop which I don’t use the HD with, and the same problems appear.

If this is of relevance, this is a screenshot of the Disk Management tool in Windows when the HD is connected (I believe Disk 2 is the HD):

Would appreciate fellow users’ advice and suggestions, thank you!

It seems like your drive might have failed.

You can try to initialize the disk but if still any error comes up that means your drive has gone bad.

You can check the method to initialize the drive from the link given below.