2TB MyPassport not recognised by WD Security

2 months ago, i have bought 2TB drive (PN: WDBYFT0020BRD-WESN).
I have used WD Security to protect the data by password.
I have noticed, that when i connect the drive to any computer, there is a Virtual CD drive mounted, and from there is then started the WD security software to unlock the drive. It worked well for the time, but now suddenly, i end up with no success. When i connect the drive, i can see it in the device manager without any warnings, in WD drive Utilities i can only see that My passport is connected, but with 0 capacity. If i start WD security from the computer, it cant even see any compatible drive. WD Discovery can also see the drive, but it says “read only”. In windows disc manager i can see the disk status “not initialised”.

Interesting thing is, when i plug it in, the virtual CD drive is mounted, but when i try to open it, i got error message: Request couldn’t be processed, because of an error on I/O device.
The drive was on the table all the time, i did not even touch it at all. It was just allways connected to a pc.
Can anyone help me please? Any solution? I have last backup from 23th Oct. Would appretiate not to do some of the work again :smiley:

Details in pics:
(I am from Czech, so sorry for the Czech language in pics, but i hope it’s enough this way, to explain, what is the problem about

Thank You! :slight_smile:

Rest of the pictures:



I also have the same exact problem. Can someone help?