My Passport Ultra 2TB not working - software bug from WD Security?

I have used a My Passport Ultra 2TB (the old drive) since July 2015 without turning on the password protection feature. A few days ago, I bought another My Passport Ultra 1TB (the new drive). I first unmounted the old drive safely under Windows 10. Then, I plugged in the new drive, installed the updated WD Security software downloaded from the Internet and turned on the password protection feature for the new drive and click the box for “no password input” for my computer. Then, I unplugged the new drive safely under Windows. I reboot the system and plugged my old drive again to the computer again.

A few days later, I found my old drive lost most of my data directories, only showing the Extras folders, etc. originally shipped from the WD. I try to get the drive information from the File Explorer, it became a 1TB drive (instead of 2TB). A few minutes later, the computer could still recognize the old drive but no longer read any directories. The drive now become a drive showing 0 size storage and 0 size data.

I suspect that the installed WD Security software may have clashed the directory information of my old drive. I try to plug the old drive in another computer without WD Security installed. However, the system can only recognize the hardware with 0 size storage 0 size data.

Can anyone suggest some ways / software to recover my data in the old drive?

Many thanks.


WD Security encrypts the hard drive as a whole and does not check for folder structures. Try running a diagnostic test using WD Drive Utilities. If the unit unfortunately fails the test then it was coincidental.

There are free data recovery utilities available online. However, there are no WD-specific applications I am able to recommend. An alternative would be to contact a certified data recovery service company for assurance.