New 4TB MyPassport External Not Recognized by WD Drive Utilities

Purchased a new 4TB 2016 MyPassport drive.

Plugged it in via front-port USB 3, recognized by Windows 10 immediately - pre-formatted as NTFS - no issues.

However, for whatever reason, WD Drive Utilities (v1.3.2.2) refuses to see the drive. It picks up both of my old 4TB MyBook externals, but won’t see this one.

If I open up WD Data Lifeguard, it detects all my drives (INCLUDING this new MyPassport) without issue.

Anybody have any ideas?

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Can you provided the model number of the new passport?

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Get the latest release

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That worked, thank you!

However, why wasn’t v. pulled up automatically when I clicked “Check for Updates” on v. Kinda eliminates the point of a check for updates button if it doesn’t do so correctly, heh. :smiley:

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Purchased just before Christmas. same problem 4TB recognised by WD Discovery but not by WD Backup, WD Securities or WD Utilities.

First tried updating software, then unistalling software and re-installing from website. Still not recognised.

Any suggestions?

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