Can't create USB tool, No USB Drive Found

I need bootable use drive to perform secure erase for boot drive. But in ERAE DRIVE pain of Dashboard software, just said ‘No USB Drive Found’, so I can’t create one.
I tried 8GB USB 3.0 flash drive, FAT32 formatted, both GPT partition table and MBR partition table. Although USB drive appear in Explorer and Drive maintenance panel, Dashboard software just said ‘No USB Drive Found’. Do someone has useful information?


What WD device do you own? Are you plugging the USB drive into your computer?

FAT32 Definition (

NTFS (New Technology File System) Definition (

I had the same problem just now, WD Dashboard v3.7.2.5. Had a 32gb USB 3.0 drive.

Then inserted a 16gb USB 2.0, which WD Dashboard detected.

So, try a 16gb or less USB memory stick.

Here is an alternative way to create the WD bootable sanitize tool without using WD Dashboard.


Step 1 - Obtain WD sanitize tool

Step 2 - Create a ISO file

  • Use a “folder to ISO” tool like “Folder2Iso” to create a ISO file of the content of the “Img\to-esp” folder (from the ZIP you just extracted).

Step 3 - Create a bootable USB

  • Use Rufus (from Microsoft Store for instance) to create a bootable USB from the ISO file you created.

Here Is The Bootable ISO Of WD Embedded Toolkit, All You Need Is PS2 Keyboard In Order To Work With.
Link : - WD Embedded Toolkit.iso
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