Can't attach files to emails anymore from My Cloud

My WD Desktop App just stopped working on 7/25/19. I’m seeing messages that it no longer exists, so how I was I am to use it up until now? The only way I can access all my files is through but I can’t attach files to emails from here. I have a Mac and I use Outlook. when I go to attach a file to an email, I hit ‘attach’ and in the dropdown, I find ‘My Cloud’. It spins and spins and never opens. What the hell is going on? I need to attach files to email for work and nothing is working!!!

The My Cloud Desktop program has been end of life since 2016. WD Support even has a Knowledgebase article covering the program being discontinued.

One possible workaround is to downgrade the firmware and see if that fixes the issue since it was the latest firmware that broke the Desktop program. Otherwise your stuck with using the web portal.

There is some information on how to downgrade the firmware along with past firmware links in the following post.

How am I supposed to attach files in My Cloud to emails? I can’t connect through I can’t even move items around anymore or anything. Do I just need to buy a whole new device that will work the way my cloud app use to?

If you are on the same local network as the My Cloud then you do not need to use or even My Cloud Desktop. Rather one would use Mac Finder (or if using Windows, Windows File Explorer) to access the files on their My Cloud. One can use Finder or Windows File Explorer to “map” Shares to their computer to make file access to the My Cloud easier.

On Windows 10 I have no problems using Outlook, and accessing the local network My Cloud to email (attached) files right off the My Cloud.

If one is trying to access a remote My Cloud then you can try using insecure FTP or just use the Share option on a file in the web portal and email the person a link to the file. It won’t use Outlook but is an option to get that person a link to the file.