Can't access WD Community properly

I can’t log in to the WD community some of the time. When I go to the login page, I enter my email address and the password I know is right and I get a screen from something called Salesforce that says

We can’t authorize you because of an OAuth error. For more information, contact your Salesforce administrator.

You didn’t complete the approval process before it expired. Please try again.

I haven’t the foggiest notion what this means! What am I doing wrong NOW?

Are you talking about accessing this WD Community site or the My Cloud Dashboard? If the WD Community site then this is the wrong forum. Try posting to the following forum:

I’m talking about how to access this WD community. I think the issue is more related to my password saver than the community, but it’s still frustrating. When I do manage to log on and I try to save my login data in my password saver, the next time I try to go directly to the community via the password-saver-saved page, I get the “salesforce” message I posted above. very strange. I’d like to be able to short cut the login process like I can with almost every other login I use the password saver for, but so far not able to.

No idea, although once properly logged in ONCE, I just come back to te URL and I am on the community forums again.

Yeah I understand. I think Roboform isn’t sending me where it should to let
me use its saved passwords for the WD Community. Obviously I can work
around it but like I said before it’s always something!

Yep, Murphy’s Law is out to get us! You are dealing with too much “new stuff” at once. It shall pass.

Make sure you typing in “” and not “”

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