Can't access mybooklive

I bought mybooklive few years ago. I set it up using my windows laptop long ago. I did not use it for couple years. Now I want to use it again, uploading my photos on my new smartphone. It won’t connect. I don’t have a personal computer anymore. My work computer has firewall and can’t connect to it to set it up. Is there anyway we could setup mybooklike again using my smartphone? Thanks

For regular use cases you don’t need a PC as the MBL has a web interface and I assume your firewall has port 80 open. Additionally, there is the My Cloud Mobile app for both IOS & Android.

If you can see a green light (meaning MBL is up and running and connected to the LAN), and you recall the IP address (or DNS name), you can browse to it with http:///UI/login
Once you are on the web interface (and remembered the password!), you can pretty much do everything including enabling ssh so can log in from your phone.

In every other case, you might need to open your MBL enclosure to take the drive out and perform a “debrick” (search for it in the forum). In those cases you will mostly likely need some Linux capable device (e.g. a raspberry PI will do) other than your phone.
With a SATA to USB converter or enclosure and a USB OTG cable you might be able to use your Android phone. It will possibly involve root access, installing some extra commands and maybe getting a kernel with the proper drivers etc. depending on what Android image you are running.

What’s the color of the led?