Connecting MyBookLive directly to my PC

I would like to connect my MyBookLive directly to my computer using the ethernet cord. When I do this the PC doesn’t recgonize the MBL. I just want to do this for a short period of time because otherwise my file transfers are super slow. I was able to do this the other night but it doesn’t seem to acknowled the MBL today. Any suggestions?

If this is a Windows machine and you have the drive mapped to a letter, disconnect and reconnect. Disconnect the mapping in Windows Explorer under the Tools menu, and when you reconnect, specify the IP address of the MBL.

Check if the ethernet port is enabled on the computer and you are not connected to another Wifi network, also try to PING the drive on CMD. It should work when connected straight to the PC and mine sure does.

This didn’t seem to work. Any other suggestions?

Does it take a while to connect? Where do you find it once it’s connected? What color is the light on the MBL?