Cant access all my picture files on Iphone WD Photos app

I can access all my pictures via PC and My Cloud Iphone app. However  i cannot get the picture files on the WD Photos app. Currently i can only find 42 pictures out of 1000s.

I have tried disabling & re-enabling remote access.

Re-building drive.

Deleted apps and re-downloading to iphone.

All photos are JPEG.

All in same route location.

This has never worked right and its so annoying…!!!

Yes i could access via My Cloud app, but they only display file number for the picture. i.e 1004.JPG and not thumb pictures. Which means finding a specific picture is almost impossible when i have so many.

Out of interest, the wifes ipad has the same problem.

However, she can see 56 photos, where i can only view 42…???

Same folder.

Please anyone with a solution…?


Please check the link below and follow the steps on it. Hope this helps you.

WD Photos does not display all the photos on a Personal Cloud drive or WD NAS drive 


Followed the link and did everything to the letter.

So after step 1 disabling remote access and rebooting drive. 1132 photos appeared. I exited the app and returned 20 mins later and still only 1132 photos.

I then followed step 2 and did a, rebuild the drive. Following were 2 photos. Then 10 mins later 9 photos. Then a further 10 mins only 9 photos.

Im at a loss…???

So last night before bed, I repeated step 1.
Disable remote connection, reboot drive. Re-enable remote connection. Checked this morning.
I now only have 71 photos.

My cloud app - all pictures
WD photos app - 71 pictures
PC connection - all pictures

Do I have a problem with my drive or is it an app issue…???