Photos doesn't appear in iPhone app "wd photos"

I use wd photo on my iPhone but some folders doesn’t appear.
Someone knows how to fix it ?

AlzIm wrote:
Someone knows how to fix it ?

Throw away your iPhone and get a phone with Android OS…  :smileyvery-happy:

i don’t know either. On my Iphone only 2145 photo’s (the oldest ones from 2003 - 2004) are visible. The rest of the photo’s aren’t there…although about 8000 other photo’s are uploaded on the hard drive. The pictures from 2005 up to now are not accessable through Iphone…At first I thought it was due to a connection error, but when retrying it is still the same.

Yes, i don’t know why it works with only some photos and why those photos precisely. Picture’s date could be involved.