Not all photos available on my iphone using WD Photos

This app is great.  I can quickly see my photos, except not all of them.  About 24k of them show up but that last 8-10k don’t appear.  This function is supposed to support up to 250,000 photos.  I noticed that they did appear slowly when I first loaded them onto my ShareSpace (as the documentation states) but now it’s been 2 weeks, no more are appearing.  I have rebooted my drive and my phone (3GS with 4.0.1 OS).

Has anyone else had this issue?  Has anyone tried more than 25k pictures?  Is there any other limitation besides just number of photos?  Any suggestions?

I had exactly the same problem although most of my photos didn’t appear. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. The first time set up then did the trick and picked up the photos.


I cant view all of my photos either. Wat is the problem??..

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Mine was resolved via WD tech support online.  You need to go to Settings, find WD Photos setting, and tell it to clear the cache the next time the app runs.  I did that and could then see all my pictures with no problem. 

Yes, I can find that.


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