Cannot View MKV / MP4 Files

Hi guys,

I just plugged in my WD Live and everything works like a charm.

The unit was able to see my Windows Media server.

However, I don’t see any MKV/MP4 files in the list of videos (it’s in the folder that’s shared and I can see other vidoes, e.g. avi, xvid, etc., in the list)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I;m running Vista Home Premium, SP2 and have a wired connection


Welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately, Media Servers don’t serve all file types.

Try net shares instead.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have the folder shared with “Everyone” - however cannot view it in the Network Shares from the WD Live - any suggestions?

Make sure you don’t have Windows Live ID assistant installed (if you do you have problems, because even uninstalling it doesn’t always fix the problem).

Otherwise here’s the FAQ about possible other problems: