Cannot see videos shared on laptop

Hi so started having this problem just recently and not sure why.

Even uninstalled divx to see if that was causing it.

I cannot seem to see certain videos. a couple different formats

they are in the same folders as other videos that i can see and watch but they do not even show up on my wdtv live player

files had problems with are avi and mkv   never had problems with mkv for sure in past.

i cant even see the folder they are located in unless i put another working video into that folder then i can see the folder but still no visable file

any ideas appreciated


Media Server

windows 7

You need to check your media server config.   

The WD will only display files provided by the Media Server.    If there are files missing, it’s because the Media Server omitted them.

Make sure the file types in question are supported by your software.