MP4 Files?

Ok, I cant get MP4 files to show up through my WD TV. MKV / AVI are no problem. Whats up with MP4?

More info needed. Where are looking? On a connected drive, or network share, a media server…

I access all my video files through media server.

In that case try network shares as it appears that your media server does not serve mp4’s.

What do you mean my media server? The files are on my PC Hard Drive and I can play them fine on my PC.

You said ‘I access all my video files through media server.’

Yea, all I know about Media Server is that its an option on the WD TV that access all my files on my pc that are setup in my video folder. Why is it not showing the MP4 files?

Problem Solved.

I have no idea how but I loaded up some new MP4 movies today and they all show up on Media Share. I deleted the old ones.

I think richUK was trying to tell you that if your files are on your PC’s hard drive, you would be much better off accessing them using network shares rather than media server. When you use media server, you are limited to the file types that your media server supports. When you use network shares, you can see all file types and you can play all of the files that the WD box supports without having to rely on the media server.

I dont really know alot about this but media server only shows stuff that in my windows media player librarys?

Also when I try network share it only shows folders on my C Drive. All my media is on my D Drive. Is there a way to access my D Drive because I would rather use network share?

On your D Drive, you need to right click on the folders that have your media files in them and select to share that folder on the network. You also need to set your computer’s workgroup name and your WD’s workgroup name to be the same.