Cannot stream videos from MBL to my Samsung Galaxy Player WD2GO

I can access the MBL, but when I click on an AVI video to play, WD2GO gives me an error saying that there is no viewer app on my device. I can download the video and play it natively on my device with the default video player, so why can’t I stream it from the MBL? I don’t really want to download another video playing app. Is there anyway to make the WD2GO app recognize the system video player as a valid app to play the files? Let me know. Thanks in advance.

Which galaxy do you have? Most Galaxy platforms support only MP4 and 3GP natively, though the built-in player can play other formats…

I have the 3.6

Hmmm. Yeah, that supports a LOT more formats.

Well, I’ve pretty much given up on the default system players. It doesn’t work on my Nexus 7 tablet either. I tried a couple of third party video player apps, MX Player and Android Media Player. They both work to a certain degree as they will play the selected video file, however the problem is that they don’t appear to be optimized for network streaming. They will both play the file instantly, instead of bufffering, then they start stuttering so that you don’t have smooth playback. Does anybody know of any good Android media player apps that are good for streaming? Let me know. Thanks in advance.

Don’t know if anybody else needs it, but I found an Android video player app that works really great with MBL. It’s called VPlayer. Videos start quick and there didn’t even appear to be any buffering or stuttering. On some of the videos, they appeared to get around the buffering by starting the video in a lower resolution, but then after a few seconds it was playing at full quality.