MKV again.?

Hello all,

Has anyone found a solution to allow a default player to be defined for streaming .mkv files within wd2go droid. The only soultions I see pertain to caching the file on the mobile device and then playing it with another player.

Or accessing with another player that see’s the Mybook as a Media server. " Fine on local network, useless over the cloud. 

Why does the Droid app allow you to chose a defailt player for .avi and .mp4. but not for .MKV?

is it part of WD’s DLNA implementation?

I don’t want to waste time downloading a file so that I may then play the file after recharging my battery. I want to stream the file. 

If MKV will never be streamable , TELL us…

That way we can start transcoding out MKV files to a more freindly container.


Ara Carrano

Yeah the current player on WD 2Go  does not support MKV’s AFAIK

hence, why you are having to use an app that supports the file

not aware of any other workarounds

So far I have found that just renaming the .mkv files is enough to trick the wd2go android app to properly ask which player you would like to use to view the file. :) 

Oh well it will work while I transcode my Matroska files to x264.