Cannot download WD Security for Windows


I’ve tried to download the WD Security for Windows several times but an opera file gets downloaded instead. I use My Passport Ultra 1TB. I tried reaching someone on twitter but no response for over 8 hours. Cool that I found this forum and I need assistance asap.

Thank you.

@fynewily Have you looked at this,

Where are you trying to download this from?

I’ve been trying to download it from this link:

Sorry, but your link only takes me to the ultra page. The download link at the footer still takes me back to the above link. How can I get over this please?

Not sure what’s happening for you.

When I click the link you provide, then click the link for the WD Security software, it then gives “Download” button which, which clicked, successfully downloads

Here’s the direct link at that button:

I can’t install it because my work PC prevents that, but is that not the correct file?

If not, contact a forum admin – they may be able to help get the web folks to correct the link.

Thank you. It must be an issue with my PC. I used another PC and was able to download it.