Passport ultra not recognized by wd security software

is there a way to search this forum?  is some other software required to utilize the wd security software?  win7 64. 

Welcome to the Community.

You can “search” this forum by using the search box located on the upper-left corner. WD Security does not need additional software to work beyond unlocking your WD Passport Ultra first. If your unit is already unlocked but still not detected, is it detected by WD SmartWare or WD Drive Utilities? Can you share your hard drive’s model number?

bizarre, i could find no search box before, it’s there now?  the drive is an elements, not passport ultra as i had thought.  i copied security software from an older drive and it now works.  my mistake.  thanks.

The search box is always present in the highlighted area. Which Internet browser do you use? It could have been a page rendering error not allowing for you to see it.

On the other hand, the WD Elements hard drive does not feature encryption, and as such it will not be detected by WD Security.