Cannot access my passport - I/O device error/incorrect parameter error

Hi all. I’ve had a WD 1TB passport for about a year already, and it has about 600GB worth of data inside including a few years’ worth of photos. I’m a student, so I cannot afford numerous hard disk drives and so I never backed up the files in this disk.

The hard disk was working fine just a few days ago. However, when I tried to access it this morning, I couldn’t. It used to show up on my computer as ‘My passport’, but now it’s ‘Local Disk’, and whenever I try to access it, I either get an ‘I/O device error’ or a ‘parameter is incorrect’ error.

Is there any way to recover the data inside? I am really not keen on losing all the documents and files I have accumulated and stored in this hard disk drive over the years.

Thank you for all your help!

You might try using different ports on your computer followed by using a different usb cable as well as trying on other computers in an effort to determine if the issues is cause by a defective usb port on your computer, a defective use cable, or a general issue with your computer (by trying on another computer).

i had the same problem with my passport 1 tb, it was giving a tickling soung (LIGHT) inside while running the drive, it means it has media problem which is a hardware problem, which can be fixed by hardware repairing (Provided your disk is not in the warranty period coz it has to be opened which will violet the warranty). if you cannont afford the same then you have to try to recover the data inside by recovery sofware which is a time dependent process if your hard drive is not much defected i hope so.

please try the HDD MECHANIC for recovery software


YODOT HARD DRIVE RECOVERY softawre to recover your data

try this for your good luck…