My Passport Ultra says - The parameter is incorrect

Hi everyone.
Did someone bump into this error message:

D:\is not accessible
The parameter is incorrect

After about 2 years that my portable hard disk was in a drawer, I connected it to my PC. The LED was blinking and the hard disk make sounds. After ~10 seconds I got this message.

The disk management tool in my PC (Windows7) didnt recognise the external drive.
I tried with three different computers and two different cables.
I also know that the cable is OK because I crossed cables with another My Passport Ultra I have and the problem stays with the Hard Disk.
I have lots of data in this disk and I dont want to lose it.
The Part number is: WDBPGC5000ABL-03

Can you help ??

Thank you

Hi Elad,

You should contact WD Support for such an issue. To contact WD support, you can refer to the links mentioned below.