Wd passport 'incorrect parameter' error

I loaded a bunch of files from my DiskStation NAS to the Passport so that I could take them on a business trip, but neither my desktop nor laptop can mount the Passport successfully. When I click on the drive letter, I get one of two messages: ‘incorrect parameter’ or ‘corrupt file directory’. Yet when I reconnect it to my NAS, I can see all the files I copied over. I have ejected it properly from my NAS, so it’s not keeping anything open.

Any ideas what to do? I am leaving in a few hours and really need to bring these files along.

Hi, did you check if the NAS formatted your drive?

No, the NAS read it no problem and I was able to copy files to it immediately. My PC and laptop show the Passport under ‘devices and printers’ and the WD driver is the right one according to their site. The drive shows up in Windows Explorer, but cannot be accessed.

I have 500 Gb of data loaded on it and am on the road with it but can’t access the files. I know they are there, but can’t see them.

And I bought this thing because it was supposed to be portable and simple!