Can we install DropBox on MBL?

I’m looking at a solution to install Dropbox/Skydrive on my MBL so that it would sync one or more selected folders.

I know that I can use WD2GO to access my files remotely, but there are other reasons that I would like to have some of my data on the public cloud, like availability when my MBL is down, sharing files and folders with other people etc.

I’ve come across these which states that DropBox can be installed on a Linux OS and controlled from the Command Line, but since I’m not a Linux guy and far from becoming an expert, I haven’t tried anything.

Can anyone go through these and see if it is possible.  Sharing all that I have found here.

Thanks in advance.


newest versions of smartware have a dropbox option.  I set up an account, have the box on my desktop, and can also have smartware backup stuff from the PC to dropbox.

Now, I think you’re asking, can you have files already on the MBL sent over to dropbox? 

Hi cman548, if I understand properly, smartware requires a PC/Laptop to sync to the dropbox; what I’m looking at is kind of an unattended way to sync data to the dropbox.

Since the MBL has an OS within it, it would be cool if Ii can find a solution that can utilize the Linux OS and do the sync on its own.