Drop box integration? Firmware update reliability? Bricked MBLs? Sloooow speeds?

Hi, I have a 2tbMBL and don’t use it much. I do use drop box (135gb space) and was thinking it would be nice to drop stuff from drop box on to my larger MBL space when the desire arises, mainly to keep only the more frequently accessed files in the cloud and things like movies and music out of it but still available form the NAS, indeed also via WD2GO which is really why I am looking at the MBL again.

So I saw that Drop box and WD have done a deal and … and that means to me, I can install drop box on my MBL and carry on as normal. Taking the benefits of both (which benefits are a different discussion)

I have been googling for hours and become more and more focussed such that I have arrived here.

I can see that there are references to WD2GO recognising and integrating with Drop box.

I have seen adverts saying MBL Duo works with Drop box.

But nowhere can I find anything that confirms my expectation that MBL will now work with Drop box.

This “work with” would require drop box software functionality to be embeeded on the MBL.

(I am NOT looking for a cludge (workaround) where I locate a Drop box folder on the MBL).

So, I remain ever hopeful, but having seen the dreadful troubles some people have even with firmware updates I have to say I am not now as enthusiastic as I was. I have been in those situations myself just too often over the decades.

Maybe I should just stay with the 2tb MBL and not get too invested in something that if it fails, would take all my data with it.

The advantage of the cloud is that someone else (a tech guru team to boot) looks after all the tech stuff. Reading in here it doesn’t really look too much like times have changed at all and it is still the users who have to assume that mantle of responsibility for their stuff and the major stress that goes with it.

Fine for media etc, but for stuff that really matters? I am no longer so sure.

I would love to be reassured about all this. Not least also that the Drop box IS integrated and how and where. 

I was within moments of buying a MBL Duo.

All the best,


Currently there is no option to access your MBL files from dropbox, you do have the option to access your dropbox files from the WD2go app, used to access your My Book Live remotely. 

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Actually I was asking for a feature the other way round.

I do not need to access my Drop box files using my MBL.

However, I would like to keep all my drop box files on my MBL.


In the event I solved the problem by using my PC and a spare hard disk instead of my MBL. 

I have the idea that WD sees DB as competition, when in fact it is a source of pressure to use MBL.

As a user I nest these services, such as drop box, skydrive, googlr drive inside each other, because they all have their strengths and weaknesses. MBL does not begin to compete with the strengths of drop box, but then drop box is pitched at a different aspect of my file storage needs than is my MBL. 

What I want to do is drop my drop box inside my MBL.

Not providing these features has meant I have sought another solution; it isn’t either/or, it is a desire for BOTH.

Anyway, there we are.

Thanks again for your reply.

I use WD2GO already and it is useful as far as it goes.