How to install Dropbox on MBLD?

Hello everybody,

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Where we work, we would really want to install dropbox on MBLD and are quite positive that there must be a way to skin the cat, since it’s a linux based nas. We’re far to be linux guys though and therefore would really appreciate if anybody out there could help us out.

Thank you so much in advance

try the headless version

the MBLD runs on debian

I’ve never done this hack, so don’t know if it will work. You can try and report back.

Thanks wdlive for your quick answer. That is actually what we would like to do. However, as we’re not familiar with linux and the MBLD we use is just the core ouf small company, we truly cannot run the risk to brick it. That’s why we’re looking for someone to help, who might have already achieved our goal.


any ideas?


MBL relies on some custom packages that will prevent your IT department from having full control.

My advice is to buy or build your own NAS server on Debian and pubic Debian distributions and packages.