Can someone please help/guide me?

I bought a WD 4TB drive (Model No WDBBGB0040HBK). It works great with my Windows Laptop. However when I connect it to my LG Smart TV or Samsung TV, both the television failed to detect it. I formatted the drive and repartitioned it to 1GB/2GB and tried after changing the format exFAT to NTFS. I had a hard time figuring how to convert GPT to MBR, however I managed to change it using AOMEI Partition Assistance Pro, but none of the options worked. Could someone help me understand how do I fix this issue? I am still unable to make my televisions detect the 4TB drive.

Thanks in advance

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Hi a.amitverma,

You have to contact the TV manufacturer and get to know the compatible file system and reformat the drive accordingly.

NOTE: Formatting is data destructive and cannot be undone.

Dear Alex,

Thank you very much for the reply. I managed to resolve the problem. The issue was with the format of the drive. I had quit the application that I was using to change the format from GPT to MBR before the changes could be applied to the drive, so the drive was in GPT format all the time and wasn’t detectable by any television. I did realize my mistake later and let the application complete the process. Now the drive is detectable on both my televisions.

Thanks once again.
Kind Regards.