Can see drive as network storage but am unable to map to it

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I’ve successfully mapped my wife’s Win 7 laptop to our new MyBookLive but I can’t get this to happen on my Win 7 machine. I can see it when I go through the “view full network” and when I click on it it opens up in my browser window. But when I go to map it it doesn’t show up anwhere.

I don’t have my firewall turned on. Is there something that I’m missing? I’m terrible with networking and none of the solutions that I’ve seen posted seemed to pertain to me at all.

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Just manually map it, then.

Open Explorer, and:


Select a Drive Letter

and in the Blank, put \[ip address of your MBL][share name]

For example


Check “Reconnect at Logon”

Then click FINISH.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve tried that and get a “network not found” error for some reason.

I am having the same problem so where you able to resolve this issue. Please share the resolution.

all computers on the same workgroup? the PCs have different names?

just throwing stuff out

I don’t have a solution yet.

I’ll try the names and workgroup. I honestly haven’t touched any of that stuff and my wife’s laptop was able to map this drive just OK. I might just revert my laptop back to the original config then add my software back slowly to see if that helps out some. 

I know it’s windows related simply because other machines can connect just fine. You think this would be a lot simpler than this and it’s frankly a big problem that all of the makers of periphal equipment have to contend with. It would be really easy for me to blame WD for this problem and return the device and I’m sure that many, many people have. But if you do a search of these problems you see a LOT of posts with a similar problem but no solution created. It would be in their best interest to create solutions or at least investigate and provide answers for our various problems. 

So my solution was to actually do a clean intall of windows 7 by doing a system restore. Once I did that then I was able to map the drive no problem. 

If anyone else is having problems like I described know that there is a solution albeit an inconvienent one.


you can also try mapping it via command prompt




net use \ password /user:username

net use n: \\public   (replace ip with drive ip and public with your share folder)


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