Unable to map Drive

Hello all, 

I have a MBL running MyBookLive 02.10.09-124 : Core F/W

I can see this drive in the network viewer


However when I click the drive the device page never loads. 

Also the drive isn’t showing up when I go to map it. 

I have Network Discorvery on, media sharing is on. 

I’m running Win7 Pro, has anyone had this problem? Any ideas?


You may try updating the MBL to its latest firmware and also reset it.  Have you tried to map it from a different computer? Do you receive the same results?

Did you try start --> computer , then select from the menu bar, “map network drive”?

Or did you just click on the icon of the MBL, which won’t work to do the mapping?

Also, are you using a laptop?  m$ bug in mapping from laptop wirelessly; see win forums of problems regarding using wireless.

On my laptop, I had to try mapping 3 or 4 times before the stupid win7 was able to find the path to the drive even tho the media player had no problems getting me access because it was able to find the path to MBL.

I’ve got the same problem, running Vista Home Premium.

Yes, tried start --> computer, then selected from the menu bar, “map network drive”.

Result: Error message 0x80070035. Windows is unable to save [\mydrivename\Public](file://%5C%5Cmydrivename%5CPublic)

I can access the drive from a Mac or remotely through www.wd2go.com, but on the PC it just doesn’t work.

Windows Media Player finds the media from there just fine.

Anything in my settings?

Anyone help?

m$ has a bug that they won’t admit.

I cannot even install any “app” on the latest wd smartware on their website.  I haven’t install any WD software onto the replacement MBL & decided to install the WD quickview.   Had to go thru the “discovery” process which is unable to “discover” the MBL; the MBL is mapped on the win7 home premium 64-bit.

I am able to play/add/change the audio files on the MBL.  The WD setup still cannot find the drive & wants me to go thru the stupid checks which has no meaning; cannot bypass the “discovery” to the install WD quickview.

Perhaps that’s why MBL disconnects my AVR as to stop playing music after around 100 min.  Here’s hoping there will be an unbuggy firmware update soon.

My problem solved:

I took the MBL back to the the representative, together with my laptop. It took the engineers about 3 hours to figure out that it was something in the settings of my Norton security software (which is completely useless anyway as I haven’t updated it for years).

Now all works like magic.