Can not access Web interface after upgrade

I upgraded to OS5 last night and can no longer connect to the web interface. The unit itself seems to be working and I can access the data without problems.

When I type the IP address into the browser (Chrome), I get the message “You don’t have Authorisation to view this page” HTTP error 403.

Please advise how to fix this.

Thanks in advance


Where is the response to this?

Nothing so far WDdan13. Making me think this is a know problem with no solution.

Insane. How do these huge companies push out these big updates without even testing the damned things?

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Good question and I hope they respond soon. Short term I can survive, but longer terms it’s another matter. however as I have an email from them asked me to update to enjoy the improved security benefits, I am sure I can hold them to account for breaking it if they continue to ignore me :slight_smile:

Same problem, WD-EX4100 set up as a local file storage system. Just finished doing the OS5 Upgrade and now I can’t access the web interface. My shortcuts to the local file access still work but I have no administrative control over it at all. not happy about this at all.

Hey for anyone that needs the info, I figured it out - Post OS5 Upgrade Fix for Web Interface access.

  1. Do a full shutdown of the NAS - power it off completely
  2. Pull out the power supply connector(s) - disconnect power supply from the unit
  3. Remove the Ethernet connection from the back of the unit - pull out the RJ45 connector
  4. Wait at least 2 minutes for all residual power to dissipate
  5. Plug in power supply(s) and Ethernet cable and boot unit up
    After the NAS has completely booted (Solid Blue Power Light) you should be able to get in through the web interface.
    I haven’t had any problems since.

@Haywardi : Are you accessing the web dashboard on a PC that is on a different subnet or a PC connected to VPN?

Hi, normal access is via a pc using a routed IP address on a different subnet, no VPN is involved
However I have tried access on the same sub net and the connection just timed out.

@Haywardi : The web dashbaord access is currently restricted to access from within the same subnet. When you try to access from the same subnet, you should be able to login. Do you happen to have WD Quick view installed? If so, could you try uninstalling it and try?

This really makes no sense, even for a home network. I use the NAS for iSCSI volumes on my home lab, and run multiple VLANs to separate Management, Guest, and other traffic. OS3 had a feature to enable Dashboard Cloud Access, and this function permitted the ability to access the web interface from any subnet. In this scenario, I could even reach the web interface when connected remotely through a VPN or site-to-site tunnel. With OS5, it appears that this feature has been deprecated, and has reverted the NAS back to this state described in your post. There should be an opt-in or opt-out function, and allow users to determine how to they want to utilize your product.

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I agree with @AlyP. There are many reason to segregate networks these days at home and mine is segregated for a reason. As WD have removed this ability, it should have been clearly flagged as I simply would NOT have upgraded from OS3.

As it stands you have removed functionality from my device and as such broke it. I trust you will now have no problem refunding my purchase cost and I will find another NAS. Do you care to comment @MJ03?

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Unfortunately @RayAAC this did not work and as you can see from the replies below it seems to be a feature that WD have withdrawn in OS5.

My apologies, Yes I realized a while after I had posted that the remedy fix may have been specific to the model I am using which is the WD-EX4100 with 11TB of space and dual power supplies in a professional business. The other thing notice with my issue was that nobody with links could auto-reconnect, they all had to sigh out and re-login.

I am sorry it did not work for you but if I come across a solution in the next couple days I will post it for you.

@Haywardi, Thank you for your feedback, we will review this and get back to you.

@MJ03 Can I have an update on this please?

Same here. I do have AFP, and SMB working. but no WEB, Nor Time Machine…