Can not access my WD My Passport Ultra 2TB from my computer

Hi. Apologies but I am a computer novice. I have a WD My Passport Ultra 2TB. Its about 5 months old. The white light is working and occasionally flashing. The fan inside is work normally. I have the USB connected from the portable drive to my laptop. When I try to open the portable drive from my laptop, I get an error message “location is not available… E:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”. I have tried the portable drive on another laptop and I have the same error message.

I am using a PC and running Windows 10.

Please can someone assist. Thanks in advance.

Hello there,

Have you tried on a different computer to see if you get the same error ? Also Sometimes data corruption occurs when the drive is not safely ejected from the computer.