I have a problem with my passport ultra

My passport ultra has worked fine for a while but all of a sudden when I try to look at my files on it the message that comes up is D:\is not accessible Access is denied. I can plug it into my wife’s computer and it works just fine. What can I do to fix the problem?

Have you tried another port on the computer or a different USB cable?

Yes I have tried all four

Scan it with WinDLG

Just finished and that didn’t work

It would not fix the problems

It says that windows can’t access drive. I think I need to download something to windows to replace the damaged instructions in windows

Or how can I uninstall the passport so I can reload it.

What did it say exactly? Does it give the same error when you scan on the other computer?

I can’t remember exactly other than what I previously told you

I need to know the specific error to know what we are looking at. The fact that it is telling you there are errors at all is not a good sign at all. I would make sure any important data is backed up since you can access it on the other computer.

What about the fact that when I hooked up the passport to my wife’s computer it installed properly and I was able to see and use all my files. There has to be something that has gone wrong with my my computer reading the passport. It recognizes that it is hooked up to my computer but I will not let me open it because of an access error.

I was able to save everything to a thumb drive so I have all my files but I want to use my passport so I just want to fix it.

You are free to ignore my advice. Your next troubleshooting step (after the scan on the second computer) will cause all data on the drive to be lost however…

What happened when you scanned the drive on the other computer?

If it scans OK on the other computer, I’d recommend reformatting the drive (this will again erase everything on the drive). Let me know if you can access it after this is complete.


That will probably be fine but if I reformat my passport then will it reload when I plug it into my computer next time?

The reformat sets it back to how it was when you purchased it. The software (there are several we have put out and one built into Windows) used by the drive is separate - if it’s already installed than it should see the passport as a new drive.

EDIT: We do include software installers on the passports that won’t be automatically replaced after the format- if you ever need to download anything for your drive it is available on support.wdc.com .

Ok. Thank you. I will go that way.