Can I use the HDD from My Passport Wireless as a regular drive for my PC?

Hi, well a few months ago my WD My Passport Wireless 2TB Popped because of the battery got really big inside the case, how ever, the drive still functional connected through the USB connection, but the wireless functionality no longer works as the it looks like the battery doesn’t have that much capacity, after an hour or so of usage the battery gets big and hard (no homo) but after a few days of not using it starts to get flat again, I just don’t want the battery to blow up.

Currently the drive is empty in data, but I wonder if get rid of the whole case and assembly, can I use the HDD inside the case as a normal 2TB 2.5" hard drive for my PC? I saw a video on how they disassembled a My Passport wireless and it looks like a normal 2.5" HDD like the ones laptops use, has any one tried it yet?