Can I upgrade my WD My Book 2x 6TB to larger disks?

Hi all

I have a WD My Book Duo 2x 6TB External USB Hard-drive (Black case, bought Feb 2019).

Can I upgrade the disks to, say, 2x 16TB? I do not need to retain the data of the 6TB disks.

And do I just drop the new disks in and everything works or do I need to do some additional configuration?

Thanks for any tips!

Hi @waldalla,

We regret to inform you that you cannot upgrade or replace the drive capacity externally as it is a plug N play device.

Please refer to the below link to check the features:

Thanks for chiming in, @Keerti_01.

Makes sense. But The device has replaceable disks (in case of single disk failure), right?

What types of replacement drives can I put in then? (The brochure you linked to doesn’t list any replacement disk specs.)

Thanks for your help!