Upgrade WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo to 12tb?

I’ve been looking at the various options on WD’s site and I am torn between the My Book Duo 12TB (which has two 6TB drives) and the My Book Thunderbolt Duo, which maxes out at 8TB. I want the higher capacity, but I also would prefer a thunderbolt enclosure. Has anyone attempted to swap out the drives in the Thunderbolt Duo for 6TB drives, for a total capacity of 12TB? Is the firmware able to recognize those drives?

Hello, note that it is not supported to increase the capacity of the Thunderbolt drives, this doesn’t mean that it wont work, but it is not guaranteed that it will. Personally I haven’t tried this, but maybe some of the other users can share information on this. 

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Hi, I was curious about the same thing, including whether I could swap WD Red drives in.  Found this guy on youtube who replaced his two 3 TB WD greens with two 6 TB WD reds successfully and ran benchmarks.  


Doesn’t guarantee it will work but its promising to see that people have done it successfully.  Hope this helps.