Can I plug my laptop directly into WD My Cloud for backup?

Hi everyone. I have a few computers I need to back up. They have years of information stored on them and the back up files are quite big. It seems every time I try to back them up my WiFi drops (we don’t have the best WiFi…unfortunately can’t fix that) and I have yet…have owned MyCloud for a year or more…to completely back up a computer. Is there a way I can hardwire into MyCloud and backup my computer?

Any info is greatly appreciated.


Yes. You can either connect your computer to your router via a wired Ethernet connection, or you can connect the MyCloud directly to the computer via wired Ethernet.

But the computers do need an Ethernet port…

If your WiFi is poor, move the computer as close to the WiFi router as possible; that will give the strongest WiFi signal, and best chance of good data rate and low dropout.