Can I attach a G-Drive to a Mac + PC simultaneously

My G-Tech has 24TB of disk w 2 Thunderbolt ports + USB Type C port. I also have a Macbook Pro w 3 TB4 Ports and a Windows 11 Tower w 2 TB3 ports. I want to attach the G-Tech at the same time. My PC is for editing photo and my Mac is for Video editing but the assets (photos + vids) is on my G-Tech. The disk is formatted to ExFAT .

So I want to plug the Mac into 1 of the TB ports on the G-Tech and the Windows PC into the other TB or USB port. Can I do that? If not, any ideas or work arounds?

Hi @zonomo,

Please refer to the article External Drive: SanDisk Professional USB Device Daisy Chain Limitation: