Can I access MyCloud in a hotel room with no router connection

I am finding myself in a hotel room where <I cannot physically connect the MyCloud drive to a router/modem.
I very much need to access files on ther drive, and wonder if there is a way to do so without a physical network connection ?

Are you traveling with the My Cloud in your possession? Or is the My Cloud in a remote location like one’s home or business?

If the My Cloud is in a remote location and was previously configured for remote access/cloud access one could, if they remember their remote access information use either the My Cloud mobile app for iOS/Android or the web portal to access their My Cloud contents remotely.

If you are traveling with the My Cloud then things get a bit more complicated if your computer does not have an Ethernet port that one could connect the My Cloud to. There are workarounds but they involve time and possibly buying additional hardware like a router or USB to Ethernet adapter to connect the My Cloud to one’s computer or mobile device. Other options (subject to major security risks) include seeing if the hotel has a desktop computer in it’s business center and if that desktop PC has a spare Ethernet port that you could connect the My cloud to. Major risks using this last option/suggestion.