Can a wireless USB adapter go from new box to WD TV?

Trying to setup new WD TV Live Plus with wireless adapter. Unfortunately all of the adapters I can find require a PC for install and my home is all Mac. Question is. Can I take the brand new wireless USB adapter straight out of the box and plug into the WD TV Live Plus and expect it to work? (Yes, I have checked the listing of compatible devices)

Or, do these USB wireless adapter requires some sort of configuration on a PC FIRST before they can be used with the WD TV Live Plus?

Sorry if this is an elementary question but I’ve never had to deal with this type config with my Macs and I’m not sure if I can skip that PC related step.

Thanks for any info you care to share.

You just plug it in, and it should work, as long as the make, model and revision are on the Supported list.

Tony thank you for that info. I tried one which I had on hand already (not on the supported devices list) hoping it might work and it did not. I have ordered one which is listed on the supported devices list and will give it a go when I receive it. Thanks!