Wireless USB Stick/Adaptor?

I’ve borrowed a USB Wireless Stick from work to try it on the TV Live,

the Live doesn’t see it ?

BUT, when you use it on a PC it SEE’s it but then needs to install

the drivers to use it . . . . . .

The only thing is, if I follow the Owners Manual for the Live, there

is no choice of WIRED/WIRELESS in the Network Setup screens.

Is this because the USB is inferior or is it that MY Live can’t/won’t

use a wireless setup ?!?!?!?

[don’t want to spend £25 plus for a better Stick if it’s not gonna

be any use ???]



What is the model number of  the USB Wireless Stick?

Is the USB Wireless Stick on the WD recommended list?

If not it will not work.