Can a My Passport Ultra formated for Mac work in a PC?

Hello everybody:
The first time I used the HD My Passport Ultra was in a Mac. I formated the HD, as instructed by the company on its website, and it worked well. Now I need to use the HD in a Windows computer.
But it looks like Windows does not recognize the HD. I can’t understand. The box says that it was made for Windows. The fact that I formated it earlier for Mac means that it will no longer work for Windows platform?

Is there anything I can do now to make the HD work for both platforms: Windows and Mac?

I am kind of desperate. I would really appreciate any help.

Thank you,

You’ll need to reformat for NTFS and install the NTFS drivers on your Mac… OR reformat it as exFAT which will work on both.

Thank you for your answer, TonyPh12345.
But in both cases I would erase all the documents I have in the HD, right?

The thing is: I have this HD with 500 GB of videos and photos I produced. Now I need to give this HD to a person who has a Windows computer, so that she can access the documents.


If you want Windows to be able to see the drive that already format from a Mac OSX (HFS+). You would need a software install in Windows. You can look for HFS+ for Windows. There is a demo/trial version from